Benefits of Random Drug Screening

Nearly every potential employee looking for a job understands that a pre-employment drug screen is nearly a guarantee for today’s workforce. As a result, those applying for positions, or who are called in to submit a sample simply take a few extra steps. They either abstain from their substance of choice, or find another method to ensure they provide a negative sample for the drug screen. Either way, the future employee knows simply that their new hire was able to pass a drug test to get the job.

The real problem comes after the person has been hired. Do you know whether all of your employees abstain from drugs – especially on the job? The answer for most employers is a resounding “no” – there’s really no concrete way of determining whether employees use illicit drugs. However, there is one very efficient method of doing so – random drug screens.

Random Drug Screens Should Be a Priority

If you are trying to decide whether to institute random drug screens, considering the following questions may help:

  • Do you know for sure that all of your employees refrain from using drugs?
  • If an employee showed up for work under the influence, could it pose a risk for you or others in your company?
  • Are situations requiring fast responses a common requirement in your organization?

If you answered no to the first of these questions, or yes to the others, you need to consider random drug testing. While you may consider it an additional cost, the potential savings from a lawsuit are considerable in the overall bigger picture.

Random drug screens are impossible for your employees to prepare for, which means that even those who were able to make it past the initial screening will be unable to do so during the second one. When you consider that onsite drug screens are also possible, which further decreases the chances of preparation, you can see how much safer your workforce can be.

If you are interested in adding random drug screens for your business, make sure you comply with regulations by giving 60 days’ notice, and ensuring that those selected for testing are completely at random – a third party is often best for the selection process.

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