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DNA testing at home and labs is on the rise in Cape Canaveral as the Space Coast continues to comply with all Florida statutes relating to paternity testing for immigration, surrogacy and child custody cases. Regardless of the high volumes of DNA samples flowing into labs, many Floridians are still unaware of the benefits of legal DNA paternity testing in Cape Canaveral.

Here’s a look at some of the many benefits of this test:

  • Many courts of law often examine familial relationships (which include biological bonding) to decide how someone’s estate needs to be divided. In Cape Canaveral, most of the insurance companies require concrete proofs, such as DNA testing reports by Binary Health Services, when a child’s name is to be added on the father’s insurance policy, if the name is not mentioned on the birth certificate.
  • Nothing completes a family like kids. However, fathers in the U.S. love their kids more, knowing that they are biologically linked with them. Scientists reaffirm this feeling as DNA plays an important role in establishing an emotional connection between fathers and their kids. DNA paternity testing, in this regard, is useful in establishing such emotional bonds.
  • At Binary Health Services, we deploy state-of-the-art testing and analytical tools to provide the most accurate results. Our DNA test and Chain-of-Custody DNA Paternity Tests in Cape Canaveral offer 99.99% reliable results. If you’re unsure about the true paternity of your child, head on down to our lab to remove any doubts and confusion and attain peace of mind with respect to the child’s heritage.
  • As mentioned earlier, most of the courts in Florida consider a DNA Paternity Test report as legally acceptable evidence with respect to a child’s paternity. This makes it easier for the father to seek child support services and other financial assistance services or even get help from the American Pregnancy Association. With a report from Binary Health Services, you need not worry about financial support and caring for your own child as our reports speak for themselves at any court of law. In addition, a DNA Test report is also important to seek custody of the child, in the event of a divorce with your spouse.

To learn more about DNA Paternity Tests and other similar scientific tests in Cape Canaveral and how they can benefit you, please feel free to give us a call!

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