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Cocoa Beach follows the Brevard County and Florida-state regulations for DNA testing. Such testing is required to establish familial relationships and is required during child custody arrangements. Here’s a look at some of the most popular legal DNA paternity testing in Cocoa Beach, FL:

Whenever a familial relationship is in question, in case of an immigration or surrogacy, a DNA testing is required. In such cases, the embassy notifies the sponsor, who is a family member, and the beneficiary, that a DNA test is needed. Similar evidence is also required when applying for parenthood, by means of surrogacy. A skilled technician will collect your DNA sample through a blood draw and ensure safe and contamination-free processing.

A legal DNA test can easily be used as documentary evidence of parenthood in any court of law in Cocoa Beach. For any litigation proceedings in respect of child custody, child support, inheritance claims and immigration laws (on basis of the birth of a child in the U.S.), legal DNA results are required. This forms the basis Legal Paternity Testing.

An authorized third party (a witness) administers the legal DNA test through chain-of-custody documentation. This makes the results admissible in a court of law. DNA Identifiers, such as Binary Health Services, can act as that third party service. We offer high-processed results that can be used as an “absolute fact” at any court of law in Florida. Our paternity testing and father DNA test results can be used in the following instances:

  • Possible father and child or children
  • Mother, possible father and child or children
  • Umbilical Cord DNA Parenting Testing
  • Missing or deceased (possible) father; and
  • Prenatal paternity testing

A reconstruction test is used to determine and establish multiple types of familial relationships. Such tests are called Family DNA Reconstruction Tests. In circumstances where a suspected father or mother is unavailable for genetic testing, missing or deceased, this test can be used to determine and evaluate the probability of a biological linkage between several different people.

There are several other legal and non-legal DNA paternity tests in Florida. Please note that the legal and non-legal status of any DNA paternity test is not prescribed by law. It only denotes whether the results of the particular DNA test can be used as evidence in a court of law, or not.

To learn more about the chain-of-custody DNA paternity test in Cocoa Beach, FL and how Binary Health Services can help, please feel free to contact us today!

Binary Health Service’s strict adherence to all laboratory collection and processing guidelines guarantees the best processing standards for all DNA testing and timely submission of the results within the stipulated deadline.

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