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DNA paternity testing can be used as evidence, for all paternity, sibling, grandparent and other familial relationships as well as to determine the immigration and surrogacy status of an individual. Similarly, legal home DNA test kits can be used to change the names on a birth certificate through a local vital statistics office.

The city of Cocoa in Brevard County follows the Laws of Florida relating to DNA testing to establish parental and familial relationships. In particular, the Paternity Statute 742.12 governs and dictates all conditions that require legal DNA Paternity Testing in Cocoa, FL. Here’s a look at the three most important rules relating to the scientific testing for determining paternity:

Rule 1: For any proceeding to establish paternity, the court may (on its own motion) require the mother, alleged father(s) and child to consent to generally acceptable scientific and DNA testing procedures to establish a probability of paternity. In this regard, we, at Binary Health Services, are a qualified technical laboratory and provide reliable and accurate reports for all such proceedings.

Rule 2: In paternity proceedings, a third party can request the court to direct the parties involved, to consent to DNA and other scientific testing for establishing paternity. In such instances, the following rules apply:

  • The third party must provide a written statement, in accordance with S. 92.525(2)
  • The same party shall set forth facts that establish a reasonable possibility of any intimate contact between the parties involved, that might lead to paternity
  • The tests conducted shall be in accordance with the generally acceptable scientific community guidelines

As licensed and qualified technicians, all our DNA Paternity tests adhere to the medical and scientific community rules and regulations. This makes all DNA tests at Binary Health Services safe and reliable.

Rule 3: All test results, opinions and conclusions of the test laboratory shall be filed with the court within a reasonable time. Any objection to the test results may be filed with the court at least 10 days before the date of hearing. If no objection is filed, the DNA test will be considered as the final evidence to establish or negate the right the paternity.

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