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Chain-of-Custody refers to the entire chronological sequence showing the seizure, control, analysis and disposition of all evidence in any proceeding. The purpose of this cumbersome procedure is to ensure that the final report prepared, is free from all bias and errors, so that the report can serve as valid legal evidence in all litigations.

Chain-of-Custody DNA Paternity Test in Indian Harbor, FL, ensures that the parties have been properly DNA tested and the samples collected have been shipped and handled in the best possible manner, leaving a proper trail.

At Binary Health Service, our DNA Paternity Tests ensure compliance with all Florida statutes in terms of confidentiality of information and processing techniques. The end result is a report that truly reflects the paternity tests, without any room for errors and miscalculations.

All the parties involved in our testing process (from the specimen collectors to the DNA Analysts) are third parties. This ensures the highest levels of competence and objectivity in our test results, such that the DNA test report is 100% truthful and accurate.

We strictly adhere to the AABB regulations with respect to legal DNA paternity testing in Indian Harbor, such that our reports are legally admissible and accepted by all courts of laws in Florida, child support agencies as well as the state government. Here’s how we do things:

  • We identify the parties to be tested, at the time of collection, by verifying their IDs and taking their pictures at the time of testing
  • We obtain consent from all the adult parties to be tested, as well as the legal guardians for minors (in the event that a minor is to be tested)
  • We have trained professionals to extract and collect specimens from your body and store them in a safe location, without harming you or altering your sample at the time of extraction
  • Our courier services ship the DNA samples directly to our laboratory, which then sends you a receipt that your specimen has been received and is under analysis
  • We use the best processing techniques to analyze the DNA sample, work out correlations and determine with reasonable scientific evidence, whether the test results are positive or negative
  • After the report is prepared, we keep your DNA sample in a secure place. In the event another DNA test is required or another report is to be printed, we use the existing sample for our purposes

Our statements and reports are legally valid in all proceedings. To learn more about our chain-of-custody DNA tests and AABB requirements, please feel free to contact us!

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