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Legal DNA Paternity Testing in Melbourne, FL, is a detailed and technical procedure – the results of which can have a significant impact on your life. Whether you’re battling for the custody of your child or undergoing a test for immigration or surrogacy, only a reliable and AABB-accredited laboratory provides the results that can safely be used as evidence in a court of law.

The American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) works in collaboration with the US Food and Drug Administration and provides a technical input into developing the blood regulations and DNA testing requirements for U.S.

As an AABB-accredited laboratory, Binary Health Services promotes and provides the highest standard care for all its patients, products and donors in all aspects of cellular therapies, relationship testing and transfusion medicine.

According to the Florida statutes, the DNA paternity test report to establish familial relationships in litigations must be conducted in accordance with the guidelines established by the scientific community. At Binary Health Services, we ensure just that by supporting the highest standards for technical, administrative and medical performance, clinical application, education and scientific investigation.

By means of accreditation, the laboratory ensures quality and compliance with the standards in all operational areas. Through independent assessments and parties, the preparation of reports and other documents undergoes rigorous checks and balances. The end result is a report that is free from all bias, errors and inappropriate assumptions.

The AABB accreditation covers all aspects of Chain-of-Custody DNA Paternity Tests in Melbourne, FL. This includes the collection and procurement, processing, testing, storage, distribution and administrative procedures. These measures not only improve the reliability and accuracy of the test results, but also provide an audit trail for the entire process.

Through education and peer-review procedures, we allow medical experts, physicians, and attorneys to easily cross-examine the reports for added assurance purposes. These procedures also provide continual learning opportunities for the donors on the best safety methods and the do’s and don’ts of legal paternity testing.

AABB accreditation also relates to donor centers, transfusion services and molecular testing laboratories. Contact us today to learn more on the accreditation and how it helps in providing reliable DNA paternity test reports in Melbourne, FL.

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