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Legal DNA Paternity Testing in Rockledge, FL, is only recommended when establishing the right to progeny – i.e. to determine if a man is a biological father of a child. The report provides written records, admissible before a court of law, to establish or negate father-child relationship in child custody, child support, inheritance and insurance claims, social security benefits and a number of other court proceedings.

A legal paternity test is one of the most prescribed and frequently used tests in such proceedings. Such a test is required for men who want to know, without any doubt, whether they are the father of a child and/or for women to know who the father of their child is.

Similarly, children born to parents who are not married may need to be DNA tested so as to change their birth certificate and/or to gain any survivor benefits. This test is widely used (and even court ordained) in child custody proceedings following a divorce.

At Binary Health Services, our experienced and professional technicians work at an AABB-licensed laboratory to provide reliable DNA paternity test reports. These results can be used in any court of law in Florida, so as to:

  • Change any particulars of a birth certificate
  • Move a petition for child custody
  • Establish paternity for any child support or alimony purposes
  • Alter any will for an estate
  • Prove the right of inheritance to a property, an insurance claim or any other asset
  • Apply for Social Security benefits or Survivor’s SSI

The process is easy, safe and flexible. You can call us and schedule any date, time and venue for the collection of a sample. The specimen will then be processed at our laboratory and a report will be issued within a short time.

The DNA test report will be processed maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality. All information provided to Binary Health Services will be kept safe from unauthorized use and access. Our flexible collection schedule means that you can have the collection test at any location – even within the comfort of your home.

To learn more about DNA Paternity testing and Chain-of-Custody DNA Paternity Test in Rockledge, FL, contact us today!

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