DNA Testing Center in Satellite Beach, FL

Legal DNA Paternity Testing in Satellite Beach, FL, is often court-ordained. The test compares the DNA of a child to that of his or her alleged father in order to establish a right to parenthood. The test results obtained serve as valid evidence in any court proceeding, in respect of child custody or any other paternity-related hearing.

Binary Health Services offers safe, affordable and accurate DNA testing facilities. DNA specimen can easily be obtained from the patient anywhere- be at their office or home. The sample is then analyzed using state-of-the-art equipment to provide a 99.9% reliable report.

To determine whether you are the biological father of a child, you need to get a Chain-of-Custody DNA Paternity Test in Satellite Beach, FL. This test provides the most accurate determination as to the identity of a child’s father. With the qualified staff and technicians at Binary Health Services, the process is made simple, efficient and extremely easy.

An epithelial cell (skin cell) sample is obtained by rubbing a soft swab on the inside of the cheeks of the child. These cells contain all the hereditary information in DNAs critical to establishing progeny.

A similar DNA sample is obtained from the alleged father and is analyzed to determine the probability of parenthood. This technique establishes the “percentage of probability of paternity”. The DNA sample from both the father and the child are then analyzed in the AABB accredited laboratory at Binary Health Services.

The laboratory experts and technicians examine over 20 genetic markers in the DNA strand, without requiring any premium charges. The DNA test results reflect the probability of paternity. If the results indicate “0”, it means that the man is not the father of the child.

Similarly, an extremely high probability of paternity exists when the DNA test results show a probability of 99% or greater. The test results are then forwarded to the court of law, where they act as irrefutable evidence in all child-custody proceedings.

DNA test results processing at Binary Health Services normally take 2-3 working days. The results are verified and cross-examined by a series of experts to ensure their credibility and practically. It also makes sure that the final report is free from all errors and bias.

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