DNA Testing Center in Titusville, FL

Binary Health Services offers unmatched Legal DNA Paternity Testing services in Titusville, FL. The setup is simple, safe and flexible. It normally takes 2-5 business days for our AABB accredited laboratory to process your results, which are then approved and are admissible in a court of law.

To ensure compliance with the law and establish credibility and reliability in work, Binary Health Services follows a strict Chain-of-Custody DNA Paternity Test procedure in Titusville, FL. This not only guarantees 100% accurate results but also promises conformity with the Florida statutes. Such reports can also be used as legal evidence to paternity in cities outside the state of Florida.

The process begins with obtaining a DNA sample from the inner cheek linings of the patient. A qualified and experienced technician is sent to the patient’s preferred place for DNA sample (home or office). It takes only a few minutes to obtain the sample, using a soft cotton swab, without causing any harm, irritation or unease to the patient.

Once the testing phase is complete, the next step involves sending all the necessary documents to the present court case. Binary Health Service’s AABB and ISO-certified labs provide the highest quality legal documentation for court purposes. This includes all copies of the reports, details of the procedures and other particulars with a notary stamp and validation.

All Binary Health Services follow strict regulations and are continually monitored by the AABB. Accreditation offers the highest level of assurance in all our works. It also guarantees that the DNA sample collecting, processing and analyzing procedures are in conformity with the rules and regulations as imposed by AABB- rendering them safe.

For both first-time and subsequent DNA testing patients, Binary Health Service offers highly trained customer service reps that answer all queries and guide patients through every stage of the testing process. Patients can also opt for a dedicated customer rep throughout the testing process. All samples obtained, advices provided and results processed are kept confidential.

Binary Health Services offers DNA Paternity Tests for a wide variety of litigations and proceedings, within and outside Florida. The report obtained at our labs can be used as evidence in child custody and support, adoption, will/estate, insurance and inheritance claims, tax forms, birth certificate changes social security benefits claims and proceedings.

To learn more on the AABB-accredited services in Titusville, FL, contact Binary Health Services today!

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