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Legal DNA Paternity Testing in West Melbourne, FL, refers to a type of DNA test that is performed using stringent chain-of-custody procedures. This process was first designed to establish the legal identity of an individual. The test results are court admissible. The process involves a technician from Binary Health Services collecting buccal cell samples from the inner cheek, using simple cotton swabs and then taking photographs of the individual to be tested.

At Binary Health Services, all legal DNA tests offer flexibility to the patients. The DNA specimen can easily be collected at the home or office of the individual. Call any of our AABB-accredited labs in your region and schedule an appointment. For child custody hearings, a sample from both the alleged father and the son/daughter is required. It is necessary to book appointments accordingly.

There are two types of DNA tests offered at our labs; Non-legal and Legal. While the former is not an obligation, the latter is conducted in accordance with Florida statute, AABB rules and other scientific guidelines to establish chain-of-custody documents and ensure that the specimen and the paperwork remain tied together.

To determine whether you qualify for legal or non-legal DNA paternity tests, contact our customer reps today! If you have been ordered by the court or if you intend to use the DNA test reports in any court proceeding to establish paternity rights, then a legal DNA paternity test is required.

For the most reliable and accurate results, it is recommended to use the epithelial cells for DNA identification and matching. Hair samples also provide DNA evidence; however, they cannot be used for legal DNA testing. This is because a photograph of the individual is obtained at the time of specimen collection for documentation purposes. In case of hair, the technicians cannot identify the party to whom the hair sample belongs at the time of collecting the sample.

3-5 working days are required to process and deliver the results, along with a notary stamp and all other documents. Binary Health Services provides 99.9% accurate results through state-of-the-art processing tools and equipment and cross examination from several qualified technicians.

To learn more about DNA paternity testing and Chain-of-Custody DNA Paternity Test in West Melbourne, FL, contact our staff today!

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