Five Reasons You Need to Drug Test Future Employees

Drug testing is a common practice among many employers, especially when an accident occurs on the job. However, taking this precaution during the hiring process can help employers in many ways. The following five reasons are major considerations that can have a considerable impact on your workplace.


Workers who use drugs are much more likely to miss work than those who don’t, with some statistics showing nearly ten times more often. This means your productivity levels will remain optimal, without forcing others to do additional work.


Employees who come to work under the influence, or who use drugs while at work, are four times as likely to suffer an injury while on the clock. This means more paperwork and insurance costs for you.


Studies also indicate that those who use drugs while at work are more than 30% less productive than their clean counterparts. By making sure you are completing drug screens, you are maintaining productivity.

Worker’s Compensation Claims

Employees who use drugs have also been found to file five times as many worker’s compensation claims as those who don’t use drugs before or during work. This means that your compensation insurance, as well as productivity levels can be affected by failing to use pre-employment drug screens.


The industrial workforce must work under somewhat harsh conditions at times, and they often use large machinery to get the job done. Drug users are responsible for up to 40% of the number of fatalities that occur at the industrial level. When an accident occurs due to an employee that you hired, it not only affects you and your business, the deceased employee’s family suffers as well. Additionally, if it is discovered that drugs were involved in the accident, you are also opening yourself up to wrongful death lawsuits.

While more states are legalizing marijuana, that doesn’t mean you need to be lax in protecting your company and other employees. Taking the extra step of performing drug screens prior to hiring a new employee can have a significant impact on your business – for the better. The benefits of doing so far outweigh the potential problems that may result and the costs associated with them.

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