LiveScan Service Provider Binary Biometrics First to Offer One-Stop Inter-State Background Screening Service Designed for Applicants Requiring Multiple Licenses

Binary Biometrics, an FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement approved LiveScan service provider and a leading provider of background screenings for licensed professionals is now offering a service designed to ease the burden of compliance for applicants who require licensing and background screening in multiple states. Professionals who may benefit from the new service include, but are not limited to, money transmitters, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, healthcare workers, and financial advisors. The procedure works by scanning and then reprinting one electronic fingerprint record or a scanned original hard card record and then transmitting those reprints via registered post to the appropriate agency.

This process of scanning of the original hard card and reprinting on to additional cards employs advanced, FBI certified scanning technology to convert a traditional US fingerprint card (FD-258) into an electronic fingerprint record. This electronic scan is also known as LiveScan.

Once in the system, the company’s state of the art laser printers reproduce exact copies of those same fingerprint records on as many additional hard cards as the user requests. These copies may be used by an applicant for most background screenings in other jurisdictions and for different regulatory agencies.

“This new service is particularly convenient for compliance officers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and any professional who needs to become licensed in multiple states and does not wish to travel to each state to complete an in person LiveScan or have to wait at a police station for every new state license or screening, get their prints rolled, and mail to each individual agency with the hopes that the records are not rejected for quality. We can save companies and compliance officers from wasting a lot of money, time, and avoid unnecessary headaches with this new process. I’m really excited to see this take off!” says James Timothy White, CEO

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