Why You Should Be Drug Testing Potential Employees

Drug screens are an important part of the pre-employment screening process. While they may seem cost-prohibitive to some, the benefits they provide for your organization more than make up for the cost. The following are some of the main reasons you should be drug testing all potential employees.

Most employers believe they would notice if one of their employees were coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, when you consider that around 60 percent of adults in the workforce know someone who has went to work under the influence, can you really trust that belief? Drug abuse is a serious issue in the United States, and statistics show that employers shell out $80 billion every year due to drug use in the workplace. This means that those who are under the influence of drugs could be costing your business considerably.


Employers who use drug testing as part of their employment and hiring practices are eligible for worker’s compensation insurance discounts in many states. When you consider the ever-increasing costs of insurance in general, saving on those costs can be considerable depending on the number of employees in your workforce.

Productivity Increases

When your employees come to work every day, your productivity increases. However, drug users are more likely to arrive late and have increased absenteeism rates. Screening out these potential productivity drains before they become a problem means that workplace productivity remains high, and prevents other employees from having to pick up the slack.

Increased Employee Morale

While it may seem that another worker’s drug use has no bearing on the rest of your employees, this isn’t the case. When you consider that other employees often have to work longer hours or take on additional work due to absenteeism or just failure to work at high standards, it can cause serious problems among employees – especially if they are aware of the drug abuse.

Conducting pre-employment drug screens provides several benefits to your company and your employees. If you’ve been trying to decide if doing so was a cost effective option, these benefits will help you understand just how much it could be costing you by not performing them.

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